Step-by-step Tour to the Mathmo Guide


While everyone is able to search for and read reviews, many functionalities are available only to users with a Raven account from the University of Cambridge. This includes alumni and staff accounts.

Login with Raven will redirect you to the usual Raven login page:

Upon successful login, you should see this (with crsid replaced by your own crsid):

You can now use various functionalities via the links in the navigation bar.

If you see another message (most likely saying that your account is frozen and / or you are not allowed to publish reviews), please contact us.

Click on the page number to go to the corresponding sections, as described below:

  • Page 2: Login
  • Page 3: Search for reviews
  • Page 4: Read reviews
  • Page 5: Write and submit a review
  • Page 6: User panel – edit display name and manage saved courses
  • Page 7: Manage reviews
  • Page 8: Resources, docs, FAQ and contact