Useful Resources

This page contains links to non-course-specific resources useful for Cambridge maths. Found anything here useful for a particular course? Write a review to let more people know!

Neel Nanda

Based on 18-19 IB courses

  • Supplementary, intuition focused IB notes (for most courses) here
  • IB flashcards (Anki decks) (almost all courses) here
  • Supplementary overview and revision lectures for IB GRM, Linear Algebra and Complex Analysis (recorded) here
  • IB revision spreadsheet here

Kelvin Qiangru Kuang

Based on 17-18 IB, 17-19 II and 18-19 III courses

  • IB, II and III notes here (mostly pure)

Bhavik Mehta

Based on 17-18 II and 18-19 III courses

  • II and III notes here (mostly pure)

Dexter Chua

Based on 14-15 IA, 15-16 IB, 15-17 II and 16-18 III courses

  • Course notes with various versions (full notes, definitions only, theorems only, theorems with proofs etc.) here (quite a wide range of courses)

Gareth Taylor

  • IB and II course scheduler here
  • IA, IB and II past papers by course here
  • IA and IB resources (additional explanations / problem sets) here


  • Lecture notes from late 90s to early 2000s here
  • 2015-17 IB and II course reviews here


  • IA, IB and II past papers by year here
  • III past papers by year here

The Napkin by Evan Chen

Fresher / high-school friendly

  • An online book that gives an excellent and brief overview of the important ideas of many areas of pure maths, ranging from IA to beyond Part III. Not directly based on Cambridge courses but have many overlaps, and useful for getting an introduction to a course, to prepare or decide whether to take it

Last but not least

For a good laugh

Some useful stuff for non-mathmos who accidentally entered this site…

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