Release Notes

Version 1.2 [10 Mar 2020]

  • Reviews open for Lent 2020 courses
  • Changes to make the website more mobile friendly, including reduced font-size and spacing, lighter toolbars and disabling auto zoom-in and markdown preview during review writing for mobile devices (more tips on markdown preview here). For view reviews page, lecturer, author, type of review and target audience are not shown by default for mobile devices now; you can still show them by clicking on the relevant buttons.
  • Review type categories merged to minimise the need for reviewers to split reviews into different parts (see comparison of old and new categories here)
  • Review Headers introduced to improve editing experience (what is this?)

Database Update [04 Dec 2019]

  • Updated courses for 2019-2020; reviews open for Mich 2019 courses

Version 1.1 [29 Sept 2019]

  • Review counts now displayed in the search page; disabled selection of courses with no reviews

Version 1.0 [17 Sept 2019]

[Search] features

  • Save / load a customised selection of courses for searching reviews
  • Filter courses by examinability and (for Part III courses) by categories

[View] features

  • Show / hide review tags: [term] [lecturer] [author] [target audience] [type of review]
  • Filter based on review tags: [term] [lecturer] [author] [target audience] [type of review]
  • Sort reviews by [submission time] [last edition time] [fun score] [difficulty score]
  • Report review; claim review; edit user’s own review

[Write review] features

  • Format review using Markdown
  • Edit / delete review

Current Team

AdminAlex Huiyao Zheng, Kevin Han Huang
ModeratorNeel Nanda


This site is built and maintained by Kevin Han Huang and Alex Huiyao Zheng.

Special thanks to our collaborators for sharing the reviews they collected:

  • Neel Nanda: Part II Review (Summer 2019)